I’m frequently asked the following questions: “Is a metal roof right for me?” and “Is a metal roof right for my home?” Those questions then lead to an interesting exchange in which I ask about the home and also about the homeowner’s needs. One question I always ask is, “How long do you plan to
Glenn Wilusz Armor Metal Roofing, LLC 180 Lafayette Rd Building 6 Unit #1 North Hampton New Hampshire 03862 Dear Glenn Wilusz, Congratulations! Armor Metal Roofing, LLC has earned the distinction of having achieved a “perfect record” as a BBB Accredited Business. A perfect record is defined as a BBB Accredited company who, for a period

New Roof Adds Home Value

maine roofing contractor on roof
How does a new roof add value to a home? According to many realty and housing pundits, a new roof adds little or no re-sale value to a new home. But what it does add is perceived value, says Indiana real estate expert Mike Puckett. Along those lines, a new roof signifies to potential buyers

Asphalt Roof Guide

Asphalt Roof Guide by Armor Metal Roofing There are dozens of materials and roofing systems available for residential and commercial use – everything from glass derivatives to fiber-cement to wood and slate tile and everything in between. But perhaps the most common and widely recognized are asphalt roofing shingles. Widely available, economical, durable, and easy