How long will a metal roof last?

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Charcoal Alumimum Shingles on a home in Maine.
Charcoal Alumimum Shingles on a home in Maine.

This is a Charcoal Alumimum Shingles installation.

Metal roofing prices are fairly low, and many homeowners are considering metal roofs as a long-lasting, great-looking option that improves home energy consumption. If you’re considering metal roofing, you might wonder how long metal roofs lastand what type of maintenance your new roof will require.

It’s difficult to estimate the lifespan of some roofing materials, because roofs degrade differently depending on various environmental factors. However, one of the major advantages of a metal roof is its extreme durability, and unlike other materials, metal doesn’t quickly degrade or warp due to inclement weather.

Metal Roofing Materials

Metal roofing materials can last for decades without degrading in appearance or function. The oldest metal roofs in the world are over 120 years old and are still in fairly good condition. Paint and anti-rust technologies increase a metal roof’s lifespan drastically and make metallic roofs an excellent long-term investment. Residential metal roofs typically have a rated lifespan of 50 years or more. This is outstanding compared to the 15-year average lifespan of other materials.

Rust-Free for Metal Roofs

You might have heard myths about metal roofs’ susceptibility to rust. Rust was once a problem with unprotected metal roofing materials, which is why you might see rusted tin roofs on barns and farmhouses during a drive through a rural area. However, these older roofs were no more than standard sheets of metal. New engineered metal roofs have protective coatings that protect them from rust for several decades. Roofing materials’ coatings vary, and if you’re willing to pay slightly higher metal roofing prices, you can find roofs with zinc and zinc-aluminum coatings that come with a 20-year warranty. Because the coating is bonded to the metal roofing before it is painted at the factory, you get long lasting color and excellent rust protection. When the rust protection wears out, you simply need to reapply a new coat or repaint your roof with several coats of anti-corrosion primer. This is a much less expensive process than buying a new roof made of another type of material.

Damage to a Metal Roof

Some homeowners believe that metal roofs will take on dents and other imperfections over time due to hail, falling tree limbs and other potential dangers. Again, this is a widespread but untrue myth. Modern roofs use strong steel rated for 150-mph winds, so they actually stand up to severe weather better than other roofing materials. You can also walk on your roof without damaging it. Metal roofs rarely take on dents or scratches, and with some light maintenance, you can take care of these imperfections at a fraction of the cost of repairing a nonmetal roof.

Metal Roof Lifespan

Ultimately, metal roofs are excellent long-lasting optionswith excellent and low maintenance needs. When you buy a new metal roof, you will probably be buying the last roof that your home ever needs. You can get some assurance of your new roof’s lifespan by asking your contractor about their warranties and by looking for a roof with an anti-corrosive coating.

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