Metal Roofing Manufacturers

Metal Roof Manufacturers

Metal Roof Manufacturers

In the world of metal roofing, a number of metal roofing manufacturers are prominent. These include: Atas Metal Roofing, Architectural Building Components, Berridge Metal Roofing Manufacturing, Drexel Metals LLC, and Pac Clad Aluminum Metal Roofing. Each affords quality products which are environmentally sound, long lasting, and offer innovative techniques for enhancing metal roofing as an industry and resource.

  • Atas Metal Roofing
  • Architectural Building Components
  • Berridge Metal Roofing Manufacturing
  • Drexel Metals LLC
  • Pac Clad Aluminum Metal Roofing

ATAS Metal Roofing

ATAS was founded in 1963, and is a major metal roofing, wall, ceiling panel and accessory manufacturer. They also produce commercial and residential dwellings. Their product line includes a variety of products offered in zinc, copper, aluminum, and steel. These metal products are available with as corrugated sheets, standing and batten seams, tiles and panels. They also offer trim, molding, and Rainware. Their products are ENERGY STAR certified and sustainable. The company has four manufacturing facilities in the U.S. including locations in Pennsylvania where the company is headquartered. From roof to wall, ceiling, mansard, accents, screens, and accessories, Atas offers a full array of American-made, durable, energy efficient metal products. They offer specialized precision cutting of materials such as Aluminum, steel of all types, Galvalume, and copper. They also provide paper interleaving and the service of strippable vinyl masking.

Architectural Building Components

This metal roofing and wall manufacturing company is located in Houston Texas with sales reps across the gulf coast, as well as in Baton Rouge and throughout Louisiana and Texas. Their metal systems are designed for new and re-roofing uses. Architectural Building Components specialize in customized roofing solutions. Their goal is take the longevity and durability of metal roofing and walls into a new generation of roofing and wall systems that are strong and ecologically sound. Their standing steam metal roof systems are designed to ultimately handle the most grueling weather and wear conditions. As manufacturers, they sell directly to end users, and offer to create customized sheet metal roofs on construction locations. In addition the company uses manufacturing vehicles on job sites that are capable of running panels up to three hundred feet in length directly onto a roof.


Begun by its namesake, Jack Berridge , in 1970, this pioneering metal panel manufacturer introduced a portable roll former, a machine able to create curved and straight seam panels directly at a job site. In addition, the innovative Berridge Vinyl Weatherseal was created to enhance metal product longevity and durability. The company also operates an in house continuous coil coating factory, creating a single option for roll forming and equipment.

The company offers over ten portable roll forming equipment options along with a wide variety of roof panels, simulated tile shingle and siding, standing seam, Bermuda, batten seam, fascia, and soffit.

Berridge focuses on sustainable and durable products featuring recycled material of thirty percent which goes beyond LEED certification requirements. All of their metal products are recyclable.

Drexel Metals

Drexel uses low cost, localized production to supply metal roofing through regional manufacturers. Their approach is on-demand flexibility. Their range of products included over thirty four metal roofing assemblies, customized and standard trims, covers, soffits, underlayments, customized curved, domed, and trapezoid roofing. They offer a weather tight warranty for their products, and provide technical and architectural services in house. This company also makes flat sheets and coils of Galvalume and aluminum, and builds integrated solar roof systems.

Pac Clad

Begun in 1965, Petersen Aluminum Corporation started as a metals service center. Today, Petersen offers high quality products nationally from their Chicago headquarters and four production facilities throughout the U.S. They provide material selection, finish specs, and budget options, as well as creating products including architectural sheet and coil, metal coating for galvanized steel and aluminum available in a range of colors, panels and roll formers. Their panel options are all Herr-Voss corrective, and are factory formed up to fifty feet in length. Their Etal roofing and fastener panels are available for standing seam, batten and more. Fascia and custom flashing and trim are also available.

The company uses SNAP-CLAD panels for enhanced flatness and can provide optional sealant to improve water resistance. Their products are available as aluminum, galvanized steel, and more. They can apply a protective vinyl film for metal usage requiring a great amount of handling.

Metal Manufacturing You can Trust

Each of these metal roofing manufacturers can provide a metal roofing product that is durable, attractive, and ecologically sound.

Metal roofing systems are an excellent choice in today’s economically and environmentally driven market place.

Metal roofing systems are a sound and growing roofing choice – it’s strong and durable, and it’s built to last. Combine those facts with simple installation and the capability of metal roofing to stand up to all forms of weather, and rot, and metal roofing becomes a vital contender for your roofing needs.

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