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If you are like most homeowners, it can be very frustrating when your asphalt shingles have reached the end of their lifecycle. Perhaps the shingles have curled, blown off in a recent storm, or have failed prematurely due to improper ventilation or installation.

At Armor Metal Roofing , we are here to help you find a solution to your ROOF REPAIR  problems and get back to enjoying life!  We will Shield your Home for a Lifetime!

We believe there are “No Roof Problems,” “ Just Roofing Solutions,”states Glenn Wilusz, president of Armor Metal Roofing.

Since 1986, the team at Armor Metal Roofing has been making Roof Repairs to our customers’ satisfaction. Perhaps you just need a few shingles replaced from a leaky chimney, or you need to have your skylight or siding flashing checked. Can’t afford to have the entire roof replaced this year ?

Maybe you have noticed your roof leaks only when it rains extra heavy. Or you need a Roof Repair from a team of Certified Experts that will do the job right the first time.

Do you have an ICE DAM PROBLEM ?  Would you like your problems solved once and for all, NOT JUST FOR THIS SEASON, BUT FOREVER ??

Then you need to call the experts at Armor Metal Roofing. Let them explain why it might make sense to consider Metal Roofing as an option to alleviate future damages. Or let them give you a qualified estimate on a reasonable and affordable solution WITH ARCHITECTURAL GRADE LIFETIME SHINGLES.

Armor Metal Roofing can provide you references on both their Architectural and Metal Shingles, including their Standing Seam Panels.  And not all Metal Roofing companies are alike. Do they use strapping ? or do they just attach over the existing asphalt.. The proper installation does make a difference

Would you like to know the difference why some local companies charge more for their work ?  Do they hire salesmen that get paid high commissions to pressure you into signing a contract ?

Experience the difference at Armor Roofing.. and call the ROOF REPAIR Experts today !

Glenn Wilusz and his team of professionals will give you a thorough written estimate on exceptional , qualified workmanship FOR A LIFETIME.